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We’re thrilled to announce a series of short online lectures, leading up to the start of our Foundation Course in September.  Each live mini-lecture lasts approximately 30 mins and cost only £10 each, or you can sign up for all four for only £30 (and if you sign up for all four, recordings will be available for a short while should you miss one).

Wednesday 31st May : Rod Chang

10 top tips for reading your chart – or anyone else’s (£10 – Enrol)
How to read a chart? Where to start? This can be daunting for the beginner. In this mini lecture, Rod will share his top ten tips for reading a chart, putting you on the path to finding out what the chart said about you or someone else.

Wednesday 28th June : Mandi Lockley

Your wheel of fortune – what your horoscope can tell you and what it can’t! (£10 – Enrol)
It’s easy for beginners and even seasoned astrologers to make assumptions that lead to incorrect interpretations. Mandi Lockley’s talk is designed to help you avoid some of the pitfalls.

Wednesday 26th July : Marcos Patchett

Where’s your head at? – What astrology tells you about your focus in life (£10 – Enrol)
In this half-hour mini-lecture, horary and medical astrologer Marcos Patchett shows how your astrological birth chart reveals your biography’s main theme – your personal focus in life.

Wednesday 30th August : Sue Merlyn Farebrother

Your path of destiny – the Moon’s nodes in your chart (£10 – Enrol)
Sue Merlyn Farebrother discusses the Moon’s Nodes. Known as the Path of Destiny, they describe the overall patterns of our lives – what we’re growing towards and where we’re coming from.
All four lectures are suitable for students of astrology at all levels, but no prior knowledge of astrology is required.

Cost: each lecture is only £10 or you can sign up for all four for only £30.

Lectures will be recorded, so if you sign up for all four, recordings will be made available for a short time afterwards should you miss one when it goes out live.

Please note: When you send the form below you will be directed to our PayPal payment page.  When you pay please specify, in the Add a note box in PayPal, which lecture or lectures you are paying for.  Please pay £10 for each lecture you wish to attend. If you pay £30 you will be registered for all four.

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