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There are many choices nowadays for a person who is keen to start learning astrology. Unlike when I started to study – I’m talking about 30 odd years ago (before the internet!) I started my one to one learning with the Faculty of Astrological Studies with a tutor. In those times, I did my exercises, learning about the meaning of the planets, zodiac signs and so on, by writing my answers with a pen and paper, and mailing these to my tutor, who returned them to me – also by mail with her corrections in red ink in the margins of my work. This was a long process, as I’m sure you can imagine. I needed a lot of discipline to keep up the momentum.

Today, you can learn by attending classes every week or every second weekend if you are fortunate enough to live near a place, such as London, UK, or maybe other cities in different countries, where classes are held. This way is of course good if you can also commit to the relevant dates when the classes take place. In classes you do also have the benefit of connecting with your fellow students, and learning from the group interaction, and hearing answers to their questions as well as any you may have.

One to one tutoring is still available, and of course this method is at the click of a mouse to your tutor, so much faster, but discipline is still needed to keep up with the course content, which usually has a time limitation. This way will suit some students.

At the Academy of Astrology, however, we have decided to offer our astrology tutoring as an ongoing online course in a group setting, with the added benefit of having the classes recorded, which will be made available to our registered students for a period of time after the class has taken place. So that if you have to miss a class for any reason, you can still catch up. So no concerns about those dates when ‘life happens’ and you cannot log in at the time and date that the scheduled class is taking place. This also means that if there was some course material that you would like to see again, even if you have been present at the time of the class, then you can do that.

So no matter where you live in the UK, or in the world, you can learn astrology online, through taking a structured course with a lot of flexibility. In addition, we also offer small group supervision classes, where you have the option to be involved in group sharing and interaction. You will also be learning about astrology through the exploring of your own chart.

This brings me to another important point about the studying of astrology. It’s not only choosing your preferred method for learning. It’s also about considering the way the course content is presented and on what it is based. There are astrology courses that habitually illustrate their astrological points by referring to, or studying, the birth charts of famous individuals, those that in one way or another are publicly known. People such as politicians, royalty, musicians, film or TV stars, writers, sportsmen or women, and so on, including historical figures when their birth details are known.

Demonstrating certain characteristics by studying the charts of well-known people is frequently used in teaching. We too at the Academy refer to famous people’s charts from time to time, as astrology lends itself well to observing personality traits shown in publicly available birth charts. But I and my colleagues believe that the best way to study is to use your own chart. After all, who knows you better than yourself? To see qualities that you know you have, shown symbolically through learning to recognise the combination of astrological factors in your own birth chart, is often an extraordinary experience, or even a surprising one.

As you progress through the stages of learning astrology and absorb the various astrological ‘building blocks’ of understanding, using your own chart as a reference point, you may even find hidden talents or skills as yet perhaps not fully developed in yourself. Learning any new subject – especially learning astrology – should not only be useful and expand your thinking, but it should also hold your interest and be an enjoyable experience. And you are the most interesting person you know!

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