Foundation course

Our foundation course, is suitable for total beginners and for those who know some astrology but want to fill in gaps in their knowledge, or learn the basics in a structured way.

Led by our experienced tutors, astrological theory will be taught alongside practical experience of reading charts. By the end of the foundation year, you will have gained the knowledge and experience required to interpret any birth chart.

The course will be made up of three terms with ten lessons in each term.

We are now enrolling for January 2018. Follow the enrol link below or email us at to reserve your place.


Foundation course term 1 (£220 – Enrol)

  • The anatomy of the astrological chart and the basic astronomy behind it
  • The meanings and classifications of the astrological planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron
  • The elements: fire, earth, air and water
  • The modes: cardinal, mutable and fixed
  • Calculating and interpreting element and mode balances in any birth chart
  • The meanings of the astrological signs from Aries to Pisces
  • Easy, effective methods to interpret planets in signs

Foundation course term 2 (£220 – Enrol)

  • Practical experience in combining planets and signs and interpreting elements and modes
  • The angles – Ascendant, Descendant,  Immum Coeli (IC) and Medium Coeli (MC)
  • The houses – 1 through 12
  • Interpreting planets in houses
  • Putting it all together – interpreting planets in signs and houses
  • Basic introduction to conjunctions and major aspects – sextiles, squares, trines and oppositions and how to spot them in a birth chart
  • Chart case studies

Foundation course term 3  (£220 – Enrol)

  • Practical experience in combining planets in signs and houses
  • Rulerships
  • Interpreting conjunctions and major aspects
  • Minor aspects: semi-sextiles, semi-squares, quincunxes and sesquiquadrates
  • Identifying and interpreting aspect patterns – stelliums, t-squares, grand trines, kites, grand crosses and yods
  • An introduction to Moon phases, retrograde planets and the Lunar Nodes
  • Synthesis – putting it all together; checklists for interpretation; easy ways to get ‘into’ a chart
  • Chart case studies

Supervision groups  (£20 – Enrol)

A unique feature of the foundation year is our supervision groups, which consist of three small group sessions each term, where you will work on charts of your choice with fellow students, supervised by one of our tutors. At other schools, this opportunity usually only comes at advanced levels of study but we feel it is essential for beginners to practice interpretation and to ‘speak’ the language of astrology right from the outset.

Our supervision groups are free for students who sign up for the whole foundation course and available for a small charge to those who sign up term by term.

Course Fees:

Course fee for Foundation course is £220 each term, tuition fee for 3 sessions of Supervision groups is £20 per term.Our supervision groups are free for students who sign up for the whole foundation course and available for a small charge to those who sign up term by term.

Intermediate and advanced learning

Most students of astrology get the ‘bug’ after completing the basics, and choose to continue their studies for their own interest or because they wish eventually to practice astrology professionally. Astrologers never stop learning!

Years two and three, following on from the Foundation Course, will encompass much more practice interpreting birth charts and will focus on a thorough exploration of forecasting methods – Transits, Secondary Progressions, Solar Arc Directions and Solar Return charts.

A highlight for students is always relationship astrology –synastry. This is covered in year 2. Students will also be introduced to traditional techniques including receptions, sect, annual profections and primary directions; will learn and practice advanced forecasting, and will explore other celestial bodies and points that can be added to charts to enhance interpretation.

Year 3 offers the opportunity to specialise with students choosing between advanced modules, each of them taught by an expert in their field. Topics will include advanced synastry techniques; Medical Astrology; Horary (answering specific questions with astrology); Electional (the astrology of choosing the right moment); Mundane and Financial Astrology (history, countries, leaders and economics); the astrology of location and relocation; Midpoints and Harmonics; consulting skills and much more.

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