5 things you must do during Mercury retrograde

It is the time of Mercury retrograde, as media is starting to focus on this astrological event more, people are curious about it. Most astrologers give Mercury retrograde a stigma, indeed for most of the planets’ retrograde movement has a bad name.

You are usually told about things that you should not do during Mercury retrograde, like: do not make important decisions; do not sign any contracts; do not travel. We also hear people complain about the trouble they have when they purchase something during this period.

However the psychological astrologer thinks there are other ways to interpret retrograde planets. First we can see it as “re-doing” something, when a planet goes retrograde it is going backwards and will then repeat the journey that it has just made. The same concept on a more psychological level would be about re-thinking something which that planet is related to. It looks like a unique movement, while the other planets go forward this planet is going in a different direction. This could be seen as taking a different approach toward to things related to that planet. For example, Mercury is about talking and thinking, therefore we may think in a different way. In the spiritual way, retrograde planets also indicate looking inwards, deep inside of our mind and our heart. So there are five things you should consider during Mercury retrograde.

Slow down

Yes, slow down and take your time,. There are lots of things we may need to re-do, re-think and review. So this strongly suggests you slow down everything. I also suggest keeping a more flexible schedule. If you are often traveling, like me, during the Mercury retrograde, do not tempt your luck.

Double check

It is advised by many astrologers that you do not make important decision during Mercury retrograde. However, this may not be a luxury we can afford in the twenty first century with businesses running everyday. So, if you have a contract to sign or if you need to purchase something, then double check before you leap. One friend of mine accidentally placed the wrong order and bought a whole set of expensive Italian cookware during the Mercury retrograde when she just wanted to buy one frying pan. Just this morning, my sister booked a flight but made a mistake and had to rebook it.

Double check before you sign a contract or place an order. Also double checking the traffic or transport situation before you go out is strongly recommended.

Think differently

The two previous suggestions are preparation for bad situations during the Mercury retrograde. However, here is a positive way to use it. Think differently. Mercury is the symbol of thinking, talking and traveling. When it is retrograde we can think or travel in a different way as this fits into the retrograde planet agenda.


This is another way to use Mercury retrograde in a positive way, as it “re-does” something. We can reconnect with someone we have lost touch with or with something we learnt before (review that old forgotten topic). If your new gadget breaks down maybe it is time to reconnect your old machine to your daily routine.


Meditation is a great thing to do during Mercury retrograde. As mentioned before, the spiritual way of Mercury retrograde suggests us to go inwards. Meditation give us a great opportunity to explore the inside of our mind, and to find out those things we lost contact with as we are occupied in our daily routine. It is a great time to listen to your inner voice and let it guide you through this bumpy Mercury retrograde.

When is Mercury in retrograde?

Mercury will be in retrograde:

  • 9 April–3 May 2017 in Capricorn and Sagittarius
  • 12 August–5 September 2017 in Virgo and Leo
  • 3–22 December 2017 in Sagittarius

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